We have been a Briggs and Stratton dealer since 1989 and have designed this site as a comprehensive place for customers in the UK, Ireland and Europe to buy Briggs and Stratton original spare parts online.

Here at Briggsbits, we do nothing other than provide Briggs and Stratton parts.

We are not a multi-manufacturer dealership so we do not have the complication of dealing with other distractions such as selling lawnmowers or parts for anything else. This means that all day, every day, we are completely focused upon Briggs and Stratton, their engines and our customers. Sad though it may seem, Briggs and Stratton’s part numbers are etched into our minds.

All parts supplied are genuine Briggs and Stratton spare parts so you are assured of the correct fit, original quality and reliability.

Regular service spare parts are all listed in the catalogue accessed from the PARTS STORE. Just click on the section your engine falls into. There is even a help page to assist in identifying your engine if needed.

Some parts are listed in a kit with other items required to carry out certain common service tasks such as carburetor service, valve lapping and adjustment etc.

If you cannot find the parts that you require within the store pages, this is catered for with our PARTS LOOKUP section. Here you will find links to the parts lookup diagrams for all Briggs and Stratton engines together with comprehensive advice to guide you through them.